engagement = media * (creative ^ 2)

or, E=mc^2

A gem from kevin barenblatt’s GSP-East presentation:

Creative is much more important than media spend in social marketing.

I remember when i had an ad-agency clients in SanFrancisco, the creative spend always seemed like a tiny blip compared to the money spent blaring out the campaign on media. But in social media, interesting things pick up, where traditional interruptive marketing just gets ignored – hence the 0.0x% CTR on facebook ads.


speaking at Infinity Ventures Summit

The “DEMO” of japan, Pikkle has been invited to present. This is a big deal and our coming out party :)   http://venturecapital.typepad.jp/blog/2008/05/infinity-ventur.html  

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New DoCoMo 906 series – decome anime

The new docomo 906i phones are in stores this week. flashlite 3, and a new feature for allowing flashlite to be viewed inside your email client. This is called “decome anime”. (japanese demo)

Viewing flash content right inside the mailer is going to lead to a boom in viral flash content I think, and flash will be a communications platform as much as an animation playback engine.

I’ve been playing with them all, and I think I’m personally going to get the Sony this time… very fast animation playback and some nice keyboard shortcuts (!!)

more info on decome-anime here: http://imode-press.jp/imode/top/decome_anime/index.html

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what do developers want to know?

Pikkle is now a medium sized flashlite publisher and distributor here in japan, and I’ve been asked to write some articles for developers.i wonder, what might be of most interest to people?

my personal feeling is that tech issues are pretty well-covered. most “developers” are more interested in how they(we) can actually make money with FL or persuade bean counters to invest. This maybe cos the FL developers are mainly 3-4 ppl companies, where the lead engineer is also often the guy signing the cheques.

Outside of Japan, the bizmodel still seems vague enough that generating the next $XXk of business is more pressing than solving tech problems.

any other ideas appreciated too but initial thoughts:

1) differences between US + japanese phones

eg network access requiring a user click. flash inside the browser vs. standalone. key access. download limits per URL (100k on docomo).

2) beyond the emulator

what you can do (and not) with screensavers, chakuflash, inside thebrowser etc. differences between carriers implementations. things adobe don’t tell you that stop flash working seamlessly between devices.

3) flavors of flashlite

decome anime, FLV on the phone, i-channel: the things that are beyond just playing back a movieclip or downloading a game.

4) bugs and workarounds

eg flash9 makes files bigger than FL8. embedded fonts dont work in 1.1/osx etc.

5) openscreen project

what it means to you. (what does it mean to developers? you can write your own flash player?)

6) access statistics

we can share some of our stats on what type of devices are accessing our services. whats the breakdown of FL 1.1 vs. 2.0 and 3.0 handsets.

7) flashlite 1.1 is almost dead! so what’s new?

if we all get together we can kill the vampire that is 1.1. I’m the first one with a wooden stake. No more nights dealing with obscure font-encoding bugs in shift-JIS.

But, whats the difference? is there anything you can really do with 2.0 that is new to the user, or just makes things easier for developers?

eg – you can change the color property of a sprite. read XML data.

anything else?

8) full-flash!

moving from html sites w/ inline animations to full-flash sites. how best to convince a client to adopt! the questions we get. stats around ROI, page conversion rates, results.

9) flashlite ROI

why bother? FL is more expensive compared to XHTML, but cheaper than java. so is FL just limited to cheap mini-games?

10) 906i – all new!

docomo just launched the 906 series phones, which have some stunning new flash functionality. A run down of what’s now possible (decome anime, FLV etc). Finally the FL 3.0 that was meant to be!

11) decome anime in detail

A piece just on making decome anime templates.

Any other ideas? what do you think are hot topics? what would you want to ask a company with 2~3 years experience running mobile flash services?

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motion emoji?

NicoNico Douga has released a set of icons for commenting with…http://www.nicovideo.jp/img/tpl/head/icon/nico/  


worldwide flashlite device sales overtake japan!

flash devices worldwide  For a long time now, japan has been the promised land for flashlite content. now it seems that worldwide sales are catching up! Presenting the latest suspicious analyst report!Its great to have this data, though i think a lot of the numbers are for potential devices – eg the US numbers for 2.1 look like Verizon’s flash-over-brew. But, at least there’s the potential there, nowthe subcribers now have to get activated by the  content. So no more moaning at Adobe all you content providers – go out and make some cool stuff!

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Adobe success story

Tootin’ our own horn, but Adobe was kind enough to feature Pikkle in a success story on their site. This has a hint of where we are going with some current social software developments too.Check it out! 


Docomo announce flashlite 3.0 – 80M flashlite handsets shipped to date

DoCoMo Natsuno flashlite 3 announcement

Natsuno Takeshi from Docomo did the opening keynote for the Adobe conference today with a great announcement.

Docomo will be the first in the world to sell flashlite 3.0 handsets, by the end of this month.

Some hilites:

  • 94% of docomo handsets are flash-enabled.
  • The “i-menu” – docomo’s portal is full-flash. They get about 25-30M viewers per month, making it definitely the highest trafficked mobile site in the world.
  • 30% of DoCoMo subsribers are on flat-rate data (KDDI is much higher, about 75% i recall)
  • The profits for the voice business of docomo keep falling every year, while the profits for the data business go up every year.
  • The data business gets increasingly profitable every year – by about 100 billion yen. They expect that record to be repeated again this year. (these numbers seem off the scale – 100 billion yen is like a billion dollars???)
  • As the UI improves, usage goes up. Flashlite has been a big help in this, so flashlite has made them a lot of money.
  • Two companies in the valley starting with “A” are really cool! “M” Companies in seattle are really lame :)
  • i-channel is built on flashcast, and has got 13.8M subscribers inside of two years.
  • i-channel is the opposite of their i-menu – its like the super-limited version for people who are overwhelmed by the choice on i-menu. You can pick from news, weather, sports…5 basic channels.

And there were also some nice stats on shipments of flashlite handsets. DoCoMo has so far shipped nearly 80,000,000 flashlite enabled handsets. KDDI has probably shipped about half as many, and adding softbank in too, that probably gives 150M units sold in japan. Of course with replacement rates not all of these are active.
As well as all the new features in flashlite 3, there are some other changes to the flashlite 3 implementation that allow us to do other cool things like attach a flashfile to an email – so this will allow flash messaging apps to flourish. Specs here

CNet has a nice gallery of the new phones.

It’s a good time to be making FL content – in japan at least!

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movieclips as buttons

a movieclip can have automatic button behavior – if it has a script attached to it.but the frame names have to be:  _up, _over_, and _down   which is different from rollOver and rollOut mouseevents… 


DC talking events in Tokyo

I’m giving a couple of presentations this month in tokyo.October 31st (this speech will be in japanese)



USC Global conference, October 27th

The USC Global Conference (this one will be in english, mostly)Speaking a bit after the President of Warner Entertainment japan, so it should make a nice contrast. There’s a reception with the previous PM of Japan. Quite a huge mix of speakers on this programme, I’m looking forward to some contrasting opinions.http://www.usc.edu/dept/international_offices/globalconference/daythree.html