mobile books outsell paper books!

its happened already! the hit mobile books are outselling their dead-tree counterparts.

The 魔法のiらんど (Mahou no i-Land) folks threw a party to celebrate the million sales of 【赤い系】(Red Thread).

RedThread was published by Goma books, but distributed on mobile by Mahou.

“We never imagined it would take off like this, and are just astounded. This all started the year before last, when we consulted with Mahô i-land about a publication to commemorate the 50-year anniversary of our company. More than three million cell phone novels have been published so far this year. I want to establish this not simply as a fad, but as a new kind of culture.”

Masayoshi Yoshino, president of Goma Books, said in his opening remarks. (via Japanese Writer’s House)


Mahou no i-Land (Magic Island) was one of the first mobile communities in japan, providing free mobile home-pages. They changed their business model to provide mobile books. In fact a lot of books are written on the mobile phone too – by ordinary folks. Some of the books are printed to paper and distributed to convenience stores around japan too.

The big publishers have moved quickly into mobile books and mobile manga, but few have embraced user-generated content as much as community sites like MahouNo i.

D eNA’s mobile game town is also big on “creators” – the term for people who write their own content on the phone.

Plug: Pikkle will soon be opening “” a mobile SNS for manga fans.

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