facebook accounts and controlling your online ID

Ola, my facebook account has been blocked. In case you can’t read the image (trying to login from japan) it says “we decided to block your account. click here for more info”.


With so many people signing up each day, the false positives are basically collateral damage.

Before this happened I didn’t realize how important controlling your identity was. Facebook is aiming to be some type of identity provider with FB connect. OpenID and other federated standards at least allow you to control your identity independently, and authorize its use.

UPDATE: Facebook has become a relying party for openID. This is a big deal! Most openID supporters want to use openID to propagate their own proprietary login credentials. But a relying party means its a two-way street – you can use another site’s login to be the lynchpin for your facebook identity. This really does show how much faith FB has in openness.


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