User Generated Content (UGC/CGM) in social games

Most first gen-social games still seem to depend mainly on content pushed from the servers out. Here I’m going to look at a few examples of games that work the user-generated content into the game system.


In the game “Famous”, you can add your own fashion items. They’re checked before going public. Somehow, they charge you for the privilege of creating items, which seems in reverse from what you would want – this will de-motivate users to upload items.


Interestingly you can create both tasks and items; I guess they basically opened up their internal tools, allowing other users to create content just as the game’s authors were doing…

Pictograph has a whole editor built in that allows you to upload images and then draw on top of them. Super-cool. The items you create have a deeper meaning than the images – they are little word-puzzles. You can then challenge your friends to solve your puzzle, so the graphic material you uploaded becomes an intelligent game script to tease your friends with.

It’s a shame this mechanic doesn’t work in japanese!



Shufflebrain’s PhotoGrab allows you to turn any photo into a game by placing “hotspots” for your friends to find. It re-uses your existing facebook photo-albums.


their tools all have really nice clear tutorials to walk you through what to do.

What other games are out there that include user-media inside the game system?

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